3D HDTV Information: A Must Read Before Buying

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At this point in time 3D HDTV is very much in its infancy and according to many companies is going to be the next big thing in home entertainment.  With any new technology on the market it is necessary to do some research before heading off to your local electrical retailer with cash in hand.  There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to 3D HDTVs and it is important to remember that over the next couple of years this technology will develop and improve.

Viewing 3D movies and 3D TV content was originally only available at the movie theatre (and you had to wear those cardboard glasses with the coloured cellophane).  Now it is possible to view 3D content on your home television providing that the TV you have  is 3D enabled.  To view the 3D effect on your 3D enabled TV requires that everyone wear 3D glasses which today look more like sun glasses and are no longer made of cardboard.

Apart from the positive aspects of 3D television such as the great visual effect from the 3D image there are however a few negative aspects in regards to 3D HDTV.  One of these problems is that not everyone can perceive the 3D image even while wearing the 3D glasses.  This problem affects around 7% of the population so if you are thinking of purchasing a 3D HDTV it might pay to go to your local retailer and check that you can see the 3D image on the screen.

Much of the negative feedback relating to 3D HDTVs is about the wearing of the 3D glasses.  Many people don’t like wearing the glasses and have been hesitant to take up the technology.  The glasses for many models of 3D TVs are quite expensive, over the $100 mark and this adds up especially for a household of 5 or more people.  Another thing to note with the 3D glasses is that you cannot use the 3D glasses from another brand with a different TV as manufacturers have used different methods to create the 3D image on the screen.

Lastly the problem with 3D TV and the reason for the slow take up is that there is very limited content that can be used and viewed on a 3D HDTV.  The choice of 3D content to watch is limited to a few 3D DVD movie releases, a few programs on Foxtel and free to air TV and the occasional sporting event such as the football grand final.

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