Disadvantages of Owning a Widescreen HD TV

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There are many advantages when it comes to owning a widescreen HD TV such as a great picture, excellent sound and a sleek design that looks great in any household however there are some disadvantages to owning a widescreen HD TV.  Many people who purchase a new HD television will generally be deciding on which TV is suitable for their situation based on features such as the type of TV, LCD or Plasma, cost, picture and sound quality and the style or design of the television and will generally not consider any of the disadvantages that come with owning a widescreen HD TV.  The following are few of the disadvantages that are associated with purchasing and owning a widescreen HD TV and you may want to consider these things before making your purchase.

The first is the cost to buy a new widescreen HD TV.  Even with the competition between companies and attractive specials the cost to buy a new HD TV is quite high.  Families tend to spend a higher percentage of their earnings than they did a couple of years ago on technology such as widescreen TVs for the home.

The next main disadvantage with these larger widescreen HD TVs is that they will not fit into the older style television cabinets that many families already have in the TV room.  Many people will have to spend extra money on a suitable TV stand to accommodate the new television which may be something that has not been budgeted for.

These new widescreen HD TVs are also significantly heavier than older style analog televisions so it is important that the TV unit you are going to use is able to easily support the weight of the new TV.  This is important to consider as you don’t want your expensive television falling to the floor and getting damaged because your old TV unit couldn’t support the weight.

Another disadvantage of owning a new widescreen HD TV is the amount of power they use both when they are on and also when they are in standby mode.  The larger size and the resolution of the picture draws significantly more power than older analog televisions and many families don’t realise this until they get the television home, use it for a period of time and then notice an increase in the house hold power bill.

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