The Truth About Vizio 47 Inch LCD HDTV

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The Vizio company has emerged as the front runner when it comes to the manufacture and retail of low priced flat panel HDTVs.  After only a few short years on the market the Vizio low priced HDTVs have dominated the American market by marketing their product with prices well below most of the competition.  So the next question is just how good are these LCD HDTVs and is it a case of buyer beware or a great bargain for people looking for a cheaper alternative to the very expensive LCD HDTVs available from other more popular brands.  One of the most popular HDTVs in the Vizio range is the 47 Inch Truled LCD HDTV.

From the moment that you open the box this TV appears to be everything that you want from a flat panel HDTV.  The Vizio 47 Inch TV has all the styling and attention to detail that you would expect from the more expensive brands and is sleek and stylish with a huge screen.  This model is only available in black which shouldn’t worry you at all as it is stylish enough to suit any home or office.  The TV also comes with an equally stylish blue tooth remote which features a slide out key board and all the connections such as power and chords to other devices are located on the back, out of sight for a tidy appearance.

As well as the huge screen size at 47 Inches this HDTV also has a huge list of features, all of which are featured on many of the more expensive televisions of this size.  The Vizio TV is full high definition with over 2 million pixels providing a clear and visually stunning picture quality.  The TVs are LCD and use a backlit LCD display making the picture resolution excellent and the refresh rate of the picture is equal to most of the more expensive TVs in this size range.

Apart from the excellent picture quality these Vizio TVs have a huge 170 degree viewing angle and two speakers that will fill even the largest of TV rooms with crisp clear sound.  These TVs are also able to be connected to the internet using the various Vizio applications allowing the user to stream movies, listen to music or browse the internet.  These TVs also come with a comprehensive warranty period which is important especially on electrical equipment.

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