Things to Consider When Buying a LCD TV stand

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Many of the new LCD wide screen TVs available on the market are large in screen size, give the viewer a great high definition picture and are very sleek in design.  These attributes are great for the TV which is most probably going to be the focus for the room however placing the TV on your old style TV stand may detract from these attributes so you should consider buying a new LCD TV stand which will match the TV and look great in the TV room.

LCD TV stands are available in a huge range of styles, designs and materials.  Many people choose to go with stands that are made from glass and include mirror shelving or they choose stands that are black to match the colour of many of the LCD TVs on the market.  LCD TVs can also look ok when a wooden TV stand is used as some households prefer to use a wooden LCD TV stand as it will match the other furniture in the room.

Apart from the materials and the finish of the LCD TV stand there are a few other considerations that are important in relation to the LCD TV stand that you are looking to purchase.  LCD TVs are quite large in size when you compare the screen size to an older analog TV.  If you are looking to buy a TV stand that has shelving positioned around where the TV will sit it is important to measure the size of the LCD TV to ensure that it will fit in the space.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a new LCD TV stand is the weight that the TV stand is capable of holding.  Newer LCD and plasma TVs may be much thinner when compared with older analog TVs however they can be quite heavy.  If you are shopping for a suitable LCD TV stand be sure to check how much weight the stand can hold so as to avoid any situations where the TV may break the stand and become damaged as it contacts the floor.

The next thing to consider when buying a TV stand is how much other equipment such as DVD players and gaming consoles needs to be stored in the TV stand.  A great way to make sure that all your equipment will have a space in the stand is to write a list of your equipment and take this list when shopping so that nothing is forgotten.

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