What You Need to Know About Wireless Digital TV Link

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Many people use a wireless digital TV link in the home as an inexpensive way to retransmit any video signal to any point in the house without the need to run messy cabling to these rooms.  Many people use this system as a way of maximising the number of connections they have with their Pay TV provider as you can use the wireless TV link instead of paying extra for separate Pay TV boxes.  This system also works for DVDs and also video games as these are both video signals that can be picked up by the wireless digital TV link and rebroadcast to other points in the house.

Many of the digital TV link set ups consist of a receiver and a transmitter which along with cabling and power adapters are connected to the video source.  These transmitters and receivers are quite small and many models are the size of a small modem.  Each of the units feature a small antenna which allows the units to broadcast and receive signals wirelessly.

To set up the digital TV link the first step is to connect the transmitter and the receiver units to the video source and the receiver to the destination point.  The units should be connected to their respective equipment using RCA cables which may require connection to a VCR of similar as some televisions may not have a suitable RCA input.  For people who are simply wanting to transmit a signal to another room of the house, a wireless system can be used as many on the market have a range of up to 100m which should be suitable for most homes.  Once you have set up the digital TV link and you have tested that it is working many setups also offer a universal remote control that enables the user to control the source of the video via an IR link.  This is a great feature as it means that you don’t have to constantly go to the source every time you wish to change the channel.

Setting up a wireless digital TV link has been made very easy by the number of relatively cheap and easy to set up systems available on the market.  Many of these setups are suitable for most homes however during the installation of a wireless digital TV link it is a good idea to check for interference from other electrical devices in the house.

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